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When to Consider Including a Viewing in Your Cremation Preplan

Published: January 8, 2024
by Simply Cremations & Funeral Services
cremation services in Calgary AB

In the realm of cremation services in Calgary, AB, preplanning allows you to make decisions that best reflect your final wishes. Among these potential considerations is the inclusion of a viewing in the preplanning process. A viewing is an intimate and personal gathering where loved ones can say their goodbyes before the cremation takes place. It is important to understand the emotional impact of viewing and why it may be a fitting part of your end-of-life arrangements.

The Role of Closure in the Grieving Process

Saying a final farewell to a loved one is an integral aspect of the grieving process. This farewell often provides a sense of closure, allowing bereaved individuals to begin healing. The farewell during a viewing is particularly poignant as it offers a tangible opportunity to confront the reality of the loss. Including a viewing in your preplan can provide this emotionally significant moment for your loved ones.

The Importance of Collective Mourning

Viewings also serve as a space for collective mourning. When your family and friends gather together to pay their respects, it can foster a sense of community and shared support. This collective experience of grief can be a powerful part of the healing process. By pre-planning a viewing, you can provide this supportive environment for your loved ones in their time of need.

Honoring Your Life and Accomplishments

A viewing offers an opportunity to honor your life and accomplishments in a personal and touching way. It's a chance for your loved ones to express their gratitude, admiration, and love for you, and reflect on your unique life story. This act of remembering and honoring can be a deeply comforting experience for those left behind, aiding them in their grief journey.

Creating Space for Shared Remembrance

A viewing creates an environment of shared remembrance, where your loved ones can reminisce about the moments they shared with you. This opportunity to reflect on shared experiences, laughter, love, and friendships can be incredibly healing. It not only helps in coming to terms with the loss but also celebrates your life and the impact you had on others.

Considering Family Traditions and Beliefs

Each family has its traditions and beliefs, which can play a crucial role in deciding whether to include viewing in your cremation preplan. If your family traditionally holds viewings, or if your cultural or religious beliefs advocate for this practice, then including viewing in your preplan can honor these traditions and provide your family with a familiar structure during a challenging time.

Deciding on a Viewing in Your Cremation Preplan

Ultimately, the decision to include a viewing in your cremation preplan is a personal one. It involves considering your preferences, your loved ones' needs, and the potential healing benefits a viewing can provide. When considering cremation services in Calgary, AB, it's essential to weigh these aspects carefully. At Simply Cremations & Funeral Services, we understand the importance of these decisions. Our compassionate team is here to help you navigate through this process, ensuring your end-of-life arrangements align with your wishes. To learn more about our services and how we can assist you in preplanning, we invite you to reach out to us. The peace of mind that comes with preplanning is truly a priceless gift to both you and your loved ones.