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Are Urns The Best Choice For Cremated Remains?

Published: October 9, 2023
by Simply Cremations & Funeral Services
cremation services in Calgary AB

When you are going for cremation services in Calgary, AB for a loved one, you have plenty of options for final resting places. Is an urn the best choice for your loved one’s remains? That’s up to you to decide as the person in charge of the options. But here are a few things that can make urns a great option to hold those remains.


Urns vary in value, as is true with any product. You can get an urn that is value-effective in that it will do the job well and will also value something you can afford. You can look at the ranges available and since there are so many options, you can certainly find something that will work within your budget range.

Easy Access

There are some items that aren’t as readily available and can be hard to get, but urns are not one of them. You have easy access to urns of many different options. You can get an urn from your cremation provider, for example, but you can also get it from any other vendor and your provider will still use it. Since the access is easy, that makes it simple for you to figure out what you want for your loved one.

Personalizing Options

Since there are so many urn options, there are also plenty of options when it comes to personalizing the choices. Not only can you get the material you want in the color or finish you want, but you can have something engraved on it and personalize it in other ways. It’s a nice way to get your loved one something that feels special for them and something that suits their style.

Versatility In Final Resting Place

Even if you use an urn, you are going to have versatile final resting places to consider. For example, with an urn, you can bury the loved one’s remains, keep them in your family home, or scatter them in a special place. The urn itself is not going to take away any of those options. However, getting an urn gives you more time to make that final resting place decision. You know your loved one is safe in the urn and you can decide what you want for their resting place at any time in the future that feels good to you.

When you decide that cremation services in Calgary, AB are right for your loved one, there are other decisions to make. All of the cremation packages that Simply Cremations & Funeral Services experts offer will come with a simple container for your loved one’s remains. That means that you don’t really have to add anything to that package if you don’t want to. But many people like to get an urn in addition to that package and there are plenty of them from which to choose. You can look through the options and take your time to decide. Once you know what you want, we’ll support your decisions.

Unsure if an urn is the right choice for your loved one's cremated remains? Don't make this decision alone. Reach out to us today - we'll guide you through various options and help you choose the most suitable one. Contact us now, and let's make this journey of remembrance together.