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Planning A Life Celebration After Cremation

Published: October 2, 2023
by Simply Cremations & Funeral Services

When you have a funeral home in Calgary, AB helping you with a loved one’s final services, you can decide on cremation or a funeral service. If you go with cremation, you can feel at peace that your loved one is getting what they need through whatever package you choose for them, even if it’s a basic option. You also get to have whatever timeline you want for the process. You can plan something right away or you can plan something in the future, whatever feels best to you. Here are a few things to consider as you move forward with the plans you want to make for your loved one.

What Mood You Want

Life celebrations are generally more celebratory and light-hearted in nature. They are also generally more casual. However, you don’t have to have a celebration of life that is exactly as others have done it. There are variations on ‘casual’ and ‘celebration’ and you get to decide which angle you want to take. You may want something that is like a party atmosphere where you celebrate a life well lived for your loved one. You go over the good times and have a great time with your family. Or, you might treat the life celebration as more of a memorial that goes over good times, but still asks people to dress nicely and act in a bit more of a somber manner. The mood you want can be reached with the venue, the plans you make, and the details you put out there for the guests.

Where You Hold The Event

Deciding on a mood for the event will help you decide where to hold it. Or, if you find a venue first, you can decide on a mood based on the venue you chose. There are many places to have life celebrations. You could have it at the funeral home, for example, and the professionals will take care of the details for you. That can be very handy and can relieve burdens from you. But you might want something small and intimate in a family home, or you might want something outside in a park. There are certainly plenty of options.

What Music Would Be Nice

Music can be a big part of final services, even life celebrations. You will likely give the music a lot of thought and will want it to be more upbeat than you would for other services. Think of your loved one’s favorites, perhaps their favorite genre, or the radio station they listened to. You also have to think about the music that would fit the style you are going for with the service.

Inviting Guests

You get to decide who to invite as well and you can invite just family and close friends or you can open things up to the public. The funeral home in Calgary, AB you work with on the cremation can help you to figure out all of the details from start to finish.

Celebrate life and embrace memories. Contact us today to plan an inspiring Life Celebration after cremation. Let’s turn grief into a tribute, encapsulating the essence of your loved one. Reach out now and start creating a meaningful celebration.